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​ Patrick G. Ingram was born in Hollywood, California, and began his entertainment career the way many young teenagers do in SoCal: performing in various acting roles in films, theater, television, etc., including: Say Anything, Big Business, No Time for Sergeants and Baywatch. In college, he became a certified EMT and this opened doors for him to work as a Medic/First Responder on many major motion pictures and television in order to pay his way through college. As a Medic, he logged additional years of on set experience with a ‘front row seat’ behind the camera, observing how producers and directors dealt with challenges on set. He was also called in as a consultant to answer questions for writers and actors who wanted medical authenticity in their scenes.


All of this was valuable, but God had a different path for Patrick. He wrote several action scripts during his down time (one of his scripts later he received an offer from a division of SONY for a $12M Minimum Guarantee). In 2005, Patrick produced his first project— Fundraiser Guy—a short industrial project which was so well done that it got the attention of Warner Bros…and a Producer was born!


Since then, Patrick has become one of the most sought-after Producer/Line Producers in Hollywood--bringing over 25 films to completion on time and on budget

(a rarity in this business); creating thousands of budgets and schedules for independent films ranging from $300K to $50M; managing projects from development to production to distribution; and earning the loyalty of actors, directors, executives and investors, “…by understanding and acknowledging both sides of filmmaking: the creative side and the numbers,” he says, “and treating people right.”


Patrick runs his life by his faith in God and attributes his achievements to his Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. He brings his years of filmmaking experience + his passion for God to launch GATEWAY STUDIOS, a production and distribution company that produces exciting, quality content that displays God’s glory, power and excellence!


we are ready to change the world!

Are you?!



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